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Cheongsam (Qipao) Thorough Loops (Black)

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The FBK Cheongsam (Qipao) features Thorough Loops,

It is a retro and gentle modification of the traditional Cheongsam that combines culture and comfortable design.

Continuing the Throughback design, this Cheongsam not only showcases the elegant beauty of Chinese traditional clothing, but also provides comfortable mobility for various occasions. With FBK design philosophy that "clothing is an extension of the body," it combines modern comfort elements to bring you a gentle and light Chinese-style wearing experience that is both graceful and agile.


【Crafted from 100% Cotton Fabric, Smooth, Comfortable, Soft, and Breathable】

The fabric selection ensures the cheongsam has excellent breathability and a comfortable, lightweight feel when worn.

The Fly by Knight Cheongsam with Thorough Loops seamlessly combines your comfort with the essence of culture, allowing you to experience both elegance and ease while wearing it. Whether attending important occasions or participating in various cultural, tea, or business events in daily life, this cheongsam can be your fashionable choice to showcase confidence and unique charm.

Flexibility: Slight Stretch

Front Closure: Through Back Thorough Loop Fastening

Thorough Loop Cheongsam Design :

1.Effortless Fastening: The front closure with thorough loops enables easy wearing and quick removal with quiet snaps.

2.Versatile Pairing: Simple combinations make it suitable for various occasions at any time.

3.Unrestricted Movement: Designed with a through-back cut and crafted from slightly stretchy fabric, allowing for comfortable mobility and figure enhancement.

4.Supreme Comfort: Made from pure cotton using a special weaving technique, maintaining elasticity for comfort, a skin-friendly touch, and non-clingy fit.

5.Easy Maintenance: Simply toss it in the household washing machine; no need for dry cleaning or special care. Easy and hassle-free upkeep.

"Floral Dance Sleeves, Graceful and Agile"

Infusing the elegance and grace of the traditional Tai Chi Chuan with the agile charm of "floral dance sleeves," the fabric's texture carries the elegance of decorative window patterns. This qipao seems to embody the movements of a dancer, naturally exuding the rhythmic fluidity of Baguazhang, while the dance sleeves showcase a distinctive and confident demeanor.

Within this qipao, you can experience the essence of martial arts—a serene tranquility within flowing actions. The dance sleeves, full of flavor, act as a dancer's weapon, gracefully soaring and displaying an elegant posture. This is a unique fusion of martial arts aesthetics and fashion design, allowing you to radiate a distinctive charm in various settings.

Q: How can I choose the right size for a qipao with thorough loops?

A: Sizes for qipaos can vary between different brands, so it's best to measure your bust, waist, and hips in advance. Compare your measurements to the size chart, ensuring that all three measurements fit comfortably within the specified ranges. Choose the size that aligns closely with your measurements. Alternatively, you can choose a snug or slightly looser fit based on your personal preference. For trying on, please visit our physical store locations. Unlike the classic button-down tops, qipaos for women come in three size options:

【Thorough Loop Qipao】Sizes: Sparrow XS, Swan S, Phoenix M

We make different frame types based on the warrior types. If your measurements are between sizes, select a larger size for a looser fit or a smaller size for a tight fit.


Long ago, I was curious – why is history called "History" in English, meaning "His Story"? Some scholars suggest that the earliest recorded writings were often associated with the military or government, essentially viewpoints documented by men.

So, is history truly "his story"? Then what about "her story"? Isn't that worth preserving as well?

Riding horses and engaging in warfare signified territorial expansion, acclaim, and glory – pursuits predominantly favored by men. Combat skills were akin to "soldiers on the battlefield," involving broad swords, swift horses, and the art of tactical maneuvers. The ease of donning and removing garments, symbolized by the thorough loop, echoes this physical mindset.

An alternative path for martial arts was its inclusion in ordinary households – a transference of skill, a personal challenge, a demonstration of expertise. This belonged to the realm of "leisurely mastery," akin to a chess match, where intent to conquer was hidden within contemplation – a gentle form of fortitude.

Men could lift heavy weights and throw spears, but women could carry children all day long. While Wing Chun boxing is said to have roots in women's combat, it might not necessarily be originated by them. Nonetheless, it undoubtedly discovered the intricate dynamics of the female physique and seamlessly incorporated them into martial arts – a brilliance beyond words.

For a while, I've wanted to create an attire exclusively for women. After much contemplation, I chanced upon Zhang Ziyi's Baguazhang portrayal in a movie. Wong Kar-wai, THE GRANMASTER of direction, skillfully depicted martial art in women through the lens, unveiling its elegance.

The gentle qipao, paired with the swift and intricate thorough loop, encompasses the twists of Bagua, the spirals of Tai Chi, and the spirit of Wing Chun – strength concealed within gentleness, subdued yet lavish.

Fly by Knight Creative isn't merely about recording History; we also yearn to hear Her Story.

"Born for Martial Arts in Every Move, Craft Your Martial Life."

Fly by Knight Creative, a martial arts cultural and creative brand, conquered Europe and America and was classified as a "Cultural Renaissance Movement" during its fundraising phase in the United States due to its cultural nature.

We ingeniously blend tradition with modern fashion design, dedicating ourselves to infusing the spirit of martial arts into contemporary life. Martial arts are not merely about physical exercises; they are also enduring life rituals, akin to signals that recalibrate your chaotic thoughts. It's an incremental elevation from within to without, a departure from the vexations of daily life, and a reclaiming of mastery over life.

Through the exploration of martial arts culture, Fly by Knight Creative seeks bodily aesthetics, offering the most refined and tangible martial arts attire, Kung Fu pants, jackets, denim, cotton-linen, qipao-style tops, and through-back tees. Expertly handcrafted, our selection enables you to freely express your personality and preferences.

"We aren't pursuing retro, but rather, recovering authenticity."

The founder, Daniel Huang, is a martial artist, kung fu instructor, and also the founder of Fly by Knight Courtyard Hotel, where he used to teach his guests kung fu before COVID.

Daniel found his passion for martial arts when he was a teen. Yet, it was not until he met the grandmaster, Adam Hsu, did he have a huge breakthrough. Hsu not only taught him Long Fist & Baji Quan, but also the philosophy and history of kung fu, including what a real kung fu attire looks like. It was where the journey started.

The purpose of this project is more than reviving a unique kung fu attire. What we really want to do is to promote Chinese martial arts, and how it benefits our body. Join us now and recover your sensitivity through kung fu training!