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Cotton and Linen Thorough Loops Hoodie Cloak (Charcoal)

$ 176.00

Thorough Loops Hoodie Cloak

"Not every hero wears a cape, but within each cloak lies a hero."

"Wear it, and you're ready."

The first step in mastering martial arts requires a high level of focus and tranquility.


"One Size Fits All": With the same garment, everyone can express their uniqueness.

A blend of a cape, a windbreaker, a robe, a touch of the Matrix, a dash of the Condor Heroes—pick who you want to be today?


The classic Thorough Loop design from FLY BY KNIGHT DESIGN is interconnected, allowing you to start fastening the loops from any point, offering flexible and versatile wear.


The Windbreaker Hoodie—hooded clothing has been part of China since ancient times.In classic novels, Lin Chong's Night Run depicts him dashing through heavy snow, clad in a hooded coat. But it's not just any "hoodie"; it's called a "Wind Hoodie." In northern customs, facing harsh winds and snow, one dons a "Wind Hoodie" to endure the cold. Similar clothing exists in the south; the coastal regions of Fujian call it the "Guanyin Hoodie," warding off sea winds, shielding from the rain.


Material: 95% Cotton 5% Linen 

To master martial arts, you first need intense focus and a peaceful mind. Lacing up the loops to clear your mind and recover your sensitivity. The path to spiritual awakening starts from your fingertips.



Untie the loops in just 3 seconds. The "fast-release" feature makes it easy to check out any wound or injury on the body.  It also symbolizes an end of the session, letting go of nerves and intense emotion caused by the training or fighting.


The history of the thorough loops can be traced back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. Back then, only kung fu masters and apprentices would wear clothes with thorough loops. The attire was not only training gear but also proof of their kung fu identity. Some might have noticed that Jing-Wu Martial School used the same loops on their uniforms in the early 1900s.

However, this authentic design has gradually replaced by modernized clothes since the 1930s. Till now, it has nearly become a lost art. 


The energy flow, so-called "Chi" or "Qi", is a critical concept in Chinese martial arts. To make sure the flow is smooth, your kung fu suit should not cause any pause to your movements; otherwise, your moves won't be powerful enough because the energy is blocked.

The cutting on the shoulder is a whole piece of fabric, perfectly connecting the two sleeves to the back. This seamless design provides exceptional stretchability for smooth movement.  

Buttons and knots often break off kung fu movement, while the thorough loops don’t. The loops can distribute and dissolve force applied upon them, eliminating any possible obstacles from the cloth.   

Another downside of buttons is that they could easily become targets. If your enemy punches you on the button, it can hurt you badly because all the force is concentrated on that single spot. 


What about zippers? A zip jacket won't stick to your body as it often puckers, and you'll have to pull it from time to time. It is quite distractive especially when you're training.  


The thorough loop jacket brings the martial mindset to life. It’s an everyday ritual that helps reset the chaotic mind.  Armor yourself with the jacket to stay away from all the hustle and bustle! 

We deliver innovative training videos for kung fu practitioners around the world. Join us and activate your martial arts spirit right away! 

Material: 95% Cotton 5% Linen 

Color: Charcoal

Size: F 

The founder, Daniel Huang, is a martial artist, kung fu instructor, and also the founder of Fly by Knight Courtyard Hotel, where he used to teach his guests kung fu before COVID.

Daniel found his passion for martial arts when he was a teen. Yet, it was not until he met the grandmaster, Adam Hsu, did he have a huge breakthrough. Hsu not only taught him Long Fist & Baji Quan, but also the philosophy and history of kung fu, including what a real kung fu attire looks like. It was where the journey started.

The purpose of this project is more than reviving a unique kung fu attire. What we really want to do is to promote Chinese martial arts, and how it benefits our body. Join us now and recover your sensitivity through kung fu training!