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Cotton and Linen Thorough Loops (Pink)

$ 129.00


Cotton and Linen Thorough Loops (Pink)


【Retreat to Your Comfort Zone】

A brand-new design more suitable for spring and summer days, the Fly by Knight Thorough Loop Five-Sleeve Cotton-Linen Series will immerse you in a sense of purity and simplicity. Paired with semi-formal casual attire, you can effortlessly transition into social settings. Whether relaxing at home or engaging in laid-back outdoor activities, casual dinners, friend gatherings, or business interactions and presentations, this collection is versatile. It allows you to stay cool and comfortable in the hot season while exuding a sense of style.

Crafted from high-quality cotton-linen fabric, it provides a lightweight and comfortable feel. The softness and breathability of cotton bring you comfort, while the cool touch and excellent breathability of linen allow air to circulate within the clothing, keeping your skin refreshed.

Compared to previous designs, this version features a widened cut. The sleeve length is tailored as a five-sleeve, incorporating an Eastern element style. It combines colors from the ancient Five Elements concept, showcasing a unique taste and charm.

"Clothing is an Extension of the Body."

Returning to our comfort zone allows the flow of our energy to be smoother and more vibrant, while maintaining our awareness of our bodies. Embrace the lightness and freedom of spring and summer, experiencing the comfort and delicate touch that cotton-linen characteristics bring. The Fly by Knight Thorough Loop Five-Sleeve Cotton-Linen Series ensures you feel relaxed and at ease. It enables your body to unwind, providing a seamless and comfortable experience for your daily activities.

"How Your Attire Impacts Your Life"

Indian yoga master Sadhguru once said, "Clothing made from natural fabrics is extremely beneficial, as it has a profound positive impact on a person's body, mind, and energy. It can help you effortlessly engage in daily activities while also enhancing the impact of your yoga practice." 【Note: This quote has been accurately translated, and it maintains the original meaning of the statement by Sadhguru.】

【Cotton-Linen Five-Sleeve Thorough Loop Series】Development Process

During the first design of the thorough loop jacket, as I wrote.

Stroke by stroke, entranced by graphite, the colors in my mind ranged from black to white. The initial collection of thorough loops naturally felt that deep charcoal gray and light ash gray were fitting, much like aged walls and stone tiles, an innate harmony.

For the second design of the thorough loop, desiring a touch of nostalgia, a hint of youthfulness, wanting to pair it with jeans, denim color came to mind naturally. Not ready-made, I wanted to dye it myself, dye it into the right shade of denim, and then let time wash it gradually, fading into its own beauty through life's traces.

As the weather grew hotter, summer arrived.

Black as the sky, yellow as the earth, the universe in its primordial state, suddenly life seemed to deserve a splash of color. Five colors at once. A touch of vibrant yellow, leaping shades of green, subtle shades of pink, and then a definitive black and moonlit white. Five colors in one go, much like the cardinal directions – east, south, west, north, center – neither too many nor too few.

More cotton, a touch of linen, loosening the waist, this summer feels a bit more colorful, a bit more carefree.

Still, the slow put-on and swift take-off thorough loop, introspection with a tranquil mind.

Live life a bit more vibrantly.

To master martial arts, you first need intense focus and a peaceful mind. Lacing up the loops to clear your mind and recover your sensitivity. The path to spiritual awakening starts from your fingertips.



Untie the loops in just 3 seconds. The "fast-release" feature makes it easy to check out any wound or injury on the body.  It also symbolizes an end of the session, letting go of nerves and intense emotion caused by the training or fighting.


The history of the thorough loops can be traced back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China. Back then, only kung fu masters and apprentices would wear clothes with thorough loops. The attire was not only training gear but also proof of their kung fu identity. Some might have noticed that Jing-Wu Martial School used the same loops on their uniforms in the early 1900s.

However, this authentic design has gradually replaced by modernized clothes since the 1930s. Till now, it has nearly become a lost art. 


The energy flow, so-called "Chi" or "Qi", is a critical concept in Chinese martial arts. To make sure the flow is smooth, your kung fu suit should not cause any pause to your movements; otherwise, your moves won't be powerful enough because the energy is blocked.

The cutting on the shoulder is a whole piece of fabric, perfectly connecting the two sleeves to the back. This seamless design provides exceptional stretchability for smooth movement.  

Buttons and knots often break off kung fu movement, while the thorough loops don’t. The loops can distribute and dissolve force applied upon them, eliminating any possible obstacles from the cloth.   

Another downside of buttons is that they could easily become targets. If your enemy punches you on the button, it can hurt you badly because all the force is concentrated on that single spot. 


What about zippers? A zip jacket won't stick to your body as it often puckers, and you'll have to pull it from time to time. It is quite distractive especially when you're training.  

We believe that warriors can be categorized by their bone structure and body shape. There are 5 types of warriors, a hawk, a crane, a dragon, a tiger, and a bear. Before you get the gear, find out your warrior types first: 

We make different frame types based on the 5 warrior types. If your measurements are between sizes, select a larger size for a looser fit or a smaller size for a tight fit.

"Born for Martial Arts in Every Move, Craft Your Martial Life."

Fly by Knight Creative, a martial arts cultural and creative brand, conquered Europe and America and was classified as a "Cultural Renaissance Movement" during its fundraising phase in the United States due to its cultural nature.

We ingeniously blend tradition with modern fashion design, dedicating ourselves to infusing the spirit of martial arts into contemporary life. Martial arts are not merely about physical exercises; they are also enduring life rituals, akin to signals that recalibrate your chaotic thoughts. It's an incremental elevation from within to without, a departure from the vexations of daily life, and a reclaiming of mastery over life.

Through the exploration of martial arts culture, Fly by Knight Creative seeks bodily aesthetics, offering the most refined and tangible martial arts attire, Kung Fu pants, jackets, denim, cotton-linen, qipao-style tops, and through-back tees. Expertly handcrafted, our selection enables you to freely express your personality and preferences.

"We aren't pursuing retro, but rather, recovering authenticity."

The founder, Daniel Huang, is a martial artist, kung fu instructor, and also the founder of Fly by Knight Courtyard Hotel, where he used to teach his guests kung fu before COVID.

Daniel found his passion for martial arts when he was a teen. Yet, it was not until he met the grandmaster, Adam Hsu, did he have a huge breakthrough. Hsu not only taught him Long Fist & Baji Quan, but also the philosophy and history of kung fu, including what a real kung fu attire looks like. It was where the journey started.

The purpose of this project is more than reviving a unique kung fu attire. What we really want to do is to promote Chinese martial arts, and how it benefits our body. Join us now and recover your sensitivity through kung fu training!